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Few famous Risk Takers of the Land of Pure

by Rafaeel Akbar Chaudhry August 29th, 2010 History, Leaders, Pakistan, Politics ,

A pictorial tribute to some of our famous risk takers and DOERS who are acknowledged worldwide.



3 Responses to “Few famous Risk Takers of the Land of Pure”

  1. Iftikhar Hussain says:

    excellent tribute Rafaeel. keep it up

  2. When I was 18, my Computer class professor told me I had no future in computers and gave me an F. So I bought a Tandy 1000 HX and began an affair with technology, brought Internet into the first Florida middle school classroom later, which led to richer learning and excitement among the students, which led to my accidental “co-founding of a ‘voip business,” which led to… and my story continues just like yours does, the one who is reading this.

    Every week, I get at least one message of patronization or insult regarding my requests to do business or to do this or that because I am a woman and not a real developer or some other silly reason. But every second of my life, I am inspired by those around me, who do not crumble before such things. When I find these people, I can’t wait to share them with you all with the different types of media my company makes available. Thanks Rafaeel, for the video. You made me respond. 😀

  3. very good listing and good research, It made my day.

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