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The baffled state

by Mahrukh Sodhi June 8th, 2010 Entrepreneurship

I am sure some of you went through the same baffled state of mind regarding opting for a career like me. I have recently completed my masters and working at Dunya T.V. Despite the fact I have a sound job, my brain is always thinking of doing something more and earning few extra bucks. My father keeps on compelling me to appear for CSS exams and I feel guilty for not listening to him. When I see all the Tommy’s getting into the dress designing business, I aspire to become one myself. At least I am much better than a lot of the useless ones out there. Writing is my passion but somehow I can’t write when someone assigns me a job. I really want to believe my mother on it that I have been cursed through black magic or probably that’s only a scapegoat for me.

But I am adamant on the fact that I will not lose my hopes. They are the only things left to hang on to. This world is an atrocious one. People these days would do anything and everything to throw pebbles on your road to triumph. I am learning to pick my pebbles up and I believe that one day I would reach my destination. It does not matter if I take baby steps or giant leaps. What matters is that they all should lead me towards my set goal.


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