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The order of career

by Saad Omer April 3rd, 2010 Entrepreneurship, Leaders, Telecom

A lot of young graduates seem to focus on the wrong things in the beginning of their careers. While they should attend to learning the arts and crafts of the industry, somehow their main focal point remains the salary being offered. This diverts them from entering a golden period of learning the practical tools in the start of their jobs, a training which will essentially translate into their future growth. Instead, they visualize getting a higher starting salary as an effective achievement; and to obtain it, they often make wrong choice of leaving good job offers, just because they pay less.

Perhaps I would not blame the fresh grads for this. Having the sense mentioned above, is a judgement which is required to be given to them by their institutes before spilling them into the job market. But they are too busy making big amount of money from the students. It is but natural, that a graduating student will assume that it is ‘his turn’ now, since he has already paid few lac rupees to the institutes over the past 3 or 4 years. To their disappointment, this is not the case.

For all corporate, a graduating student is a piece of lump which they have to shape up and customize. The knowledge about the industry he got from the school, comprises of only 10% of what is required to do his job. In short, they hire a plain guy which they have to train according to their needs, which required time, money and effort. Do you think in addition to the above hassles they have to face, they would consider giving big amount of money to the trainee? If your answer is yes, think again!

As a fresh graduate, you have to fully and only focus on your immediate target: TO LEARN. Forget about the earning for the first 2 to 3 years of your career. Your job is to learn whatever you can, without worrying about the salary and benefits. Once you are out of this period, you will discover a secret. The organizations will handpick you themselves. It all depends upon how good of a gem you have become by the virtue of your learning. But to get the best, you have to be the best. Remember, there are no shortcuts for experience!


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