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Do we dare?

by Saad Omer March 16th, 2010 Entrepreneurship

Not only our regular education system keeps falling short of providing a generation fully equipped with industry knowledge to the corporate job market, it also passes on a much bigger challenge to the fresh graduates to cope with in their nascent careers. While they are already struggling with adjusting into the practical world, they find themselves up against a tough task of making themselves compatible to the job market as quickly as possible, because their education gives them only 20% thrust to enter the market. The rest 80% is upto them to conquer, with no helping tools whatsoever.

This shortcoming of compatibility is the first step in killing the motivation of the fresh graduates. Their immediate target; to be accepted by ANY multinational company; is a very short-term aim which drains their energy and out-of-the-box thinking. By the time they are successful in making their way into the job mainstream, their whole thinking pattern has been transformed into doing-only-what-you-are-being-told. No one dares to challenge anything, thanks to the corporate culture. Good bye innovative thinking!

While this methodical suppression exists pretty much everywhere, there are a few mavericks who dare to break the spell. Although most of us focus on ‘what’ they did to get such success, a more interesting insight would be on ‘when’ they started to separate out themselves from the rest of the herd. You will find a majority of them having a clear vision of their dreams inside their academic institutes, and accordingly aligning themselves before they graduate. This gives them the courage and dare required to pursue their innovation, a must-have tool to start any new business.

Do not let your innovation go down. Do not let yourself get sucked by the whirlpool of job finding. Creative thinking is a blessing; do not let it go to waste. Dream high and act in time!


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