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EntrepreneursPK – Our People, Our Pride

by Rafaeel Akbar Chaudhry February 25th, 2010 Entrepreneurship , , , ,

I feel so privileged to have so many high achievers and outstanding mentors around me. Perhaps my association with a top educational institute of the country has something to do with it. I thought and still think that networks like P@SHA, CIO, TiE, Google are doing great work in making people aware about how they can change their lives and have great contribution in the developing the current entrepreneurial culture amongst the youth buy doxycycline without prescription and within different organizations.

However, a recent lecture to university students of far flung areas of NWFP and Southern Punjab made me feel that we are going somewhere wrong. The students didn’t know about great platforms like IEEE, TIE, TED, Rozee, WebStudio or even blogging world. Following this experience, I got a chance to mentor few students from Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences (BUITEMS) for their final year projects. The way they narrated their stories and how difficult it was for them to reach this point made me cry my heart out. Even their universities didn’t support their travel and they came cialis reviews all the way to see what’s going on here at elite institutes.

Analyzing this, I reached the conclusion that whenever any of us is asked to deliver lectures or inspirational speech at any university outside the business cities, most of us are unable to commit time due to our busy schedules. We are restricting our activities within Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi or max Faisalabad and it’s now high time to reach out people of other cities. Perhaps the slogan “There is a world outside Pakistan” should be a bit modified to “There is a world outside ISB, KHI and LHR” because I feel we are trying to reach out the international market without exploring the national market.

Though Startups.Pk is already doing a good work making a Wiki of Startup Companies & Entrepreneurs in Pakistan, we are establishing it as a side forum for all the entrepreneurs and startups to share their experiences and promote their products amongst the community. We aim to provide visibility and meaningful networking opportunities to first generation Young Pakistani Entrepreneurs, Start-ups and all the Self made professionals. Also our plans are to identify the real Pakistani Heroes especially from smaller towns and cities, and showcase their ventures, motivations, challenges and successes.

All of us have a story to tell. And like a Bollywood flick each story has a lead actor, a protagonist whom we all love, the one who fights against all the odds and finally emerges a winner. EntrepreneursPk chronicles the lives of these heroes, who have charted their own path and scripted their own story. We will try to bring you stories of entrepreneurs from across Pakistan who are continually redefining their lives and, in the process, changing our country’s story. We want to show the world especially our own youth what great work we are doing and whom they can look up for help when required because it has become a norm amongst us to give examples of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg. Why can’t we give examples of Mian Mansha of Nishat Group, Javid Saifullah of The Saif Group, Gohar Ejaz of Ejaz Group, Saleem Ghauri of NETSOL and those who have made a difference while being in Pakistan? If we want to change Pakistan, grow as a nation, we would have to encourage “problem solving” and open up minds instead of opening more and more software houses because there are lots of people in Pakistan who have very successfully rolled out high-tech startups, acquired funding and established themselves in the local and global market.

With this I am signing off with the first post of the blog. We want every one of you to contribute in making the initiative successful. All the innovators, technologists, entrepreneurs, product idea throwers are welcome to write to us on and subscribe to our newsletter at We value your story, and so do our readers!  🙂


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  1. Munir says:

    And yet they say we are doing everything to make sure Balochi’s are not left behind. That’s political crap we all are used to and besides that, Thumbs up.

    There are thousands of local heroes from reputed universities to auto workshops and it would be great if we encourage them and give them their due exposure.

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